How to Create Quiz Lead Magnet – Beginners Guide

This guide is here to help you learn the basic steps in crafting a fun quiz lead magnet that grabs attention and brings in notable leads. So lets begin with how to create quiz lead magnet?

how to create quiz lead magnet

In the digital marketing landscape, firms are keen on attracting new buyers and turning them into loyal clients. Creating a quiz lead magnet has become a standout method for making leads. So this guide is here to help you learn the basic steps in crafting a fun quiz lead magnet that grabs attention and brings in notable leads. So how do you create a quiz lead magnet?

What is Quiz Lead Magnet?

So before moving forward and learning how to create quiz lead magnet let us learn what this is. A quiz lead magnet is an interactive online quiz. The firm uses it to attract potential buyers by offering them notable insights or customized suggestions in exchange for their email addresses. So it is a famous marketing plan designed to do the following.

  • Engage People
  • Collect Data
  • Give Something Back
  • Build a Link

Learn the Power of Quiz Lead Magnets

So before moving forward to learn how to create a quiz lead magnet let us learn the power of.

In a time when there is a lot of data everywhere, interactive is like a superhero for capturing the attention of people. Quizzes, mainly, are like friendly games that get folks engaged in normal stuff. They connect the brand and the audience turning them into buddies.

It is like a secret weapon for a firm. It is a cool way to get people curious and build a notable link. So in the world of too much info quizzes are like the fun sidekick that helps brands stand out and link with their audience.

Benefits of Quiz Lead Magnets

So the following are the benefits of quiz lead magnets.

More Fun Engagement

Quizzes are like the cool kids in the content world. They make people curious and get them to play along. Hence it is making everything more fun.

Know Your Friends Better

Like, you like to know more about your buddies, quizzes help firms learn about their audience.

What do they like?

Also what they do not.

It is all in the quiz responses.

Turn Players into Fans

The people taking the quiz are not just players. They are potential fans. They show curiosity about what the firm has to offer. Hence it turns a simple quiz into a chance to make new friends who may become customers.

Personalized Messages

Imagine tailoring the messages to the taste of each friend. That is what firms do with quiz data. They use it to make their trade feel personal, such as sending messages that fit the style of each person.

How to Create a Quiz Lead Magnet?

Now you have to learn about the perk of quiz lead and what this is. Now is the time to learn how to create a quiz lead magnet. This step-by-step guide help you to learn more and create the perfect Quiz lead magnet for your firm. We are taking Thrive Quiz Builder as a tool to create a quiz lead magnet.

Step 1: Install Thrive Quiz Builder

install thrive quiz builder

To make your quiz first, add a special tool called Thrive Quiz Builder to your WordPress website.

You can use any tool kit here but we are making a guide using Thrive quiz builder.

The purpose of this tool is to help you collect email addresses.

So using Thrive Quiz Builder streamlines the method of creating fun quizzes that engage the audience. People who enjoy the quiz are more likely to subscribe to your email list. It entertains your visitors and helps you link with potential buyers. So the first step is to install Thrive Quiz Builder and use it to make engaging quizzes that enable people to join your email list.

To start go to the Thrive Quiz Builder pricing page. After that make your purchase and download the Thrive Product Manager plugin. So upload it to your WordPress site, install it, and activate Thrive Product Manager. Follow the prompts in Thrive Product Manager to install and activate Thrive Quiz Builder.

Step 2: Add a Quiz

add a quiz

Now that you are set to create your lead capture quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder. So from there, go to the dashboard and click to add a new quiz.  Now let us move on to the next point.

Choose between building a quiz from scratch or using a template. Opt for the list-building template to show the quiz results page only when someone signs up for your email list. So this feature enables engagement and boosts your odds of growing your email subscribers.

add a quiz

Selecting this template simplifies the methods. Hence it ensures that your quiz is an effective tool for building connections and expanding your reach with an interested audience.

On another hand, if you pick the social shares option a social share badge will be added to the results page. Hence it makes it more likely for people to share it on social media. If you want to gather customer insights then this quiz will work as a survey, and there will not be a results page shown.

Step 3 Pick a Quiz Type

It is the third step in how to create a quiz lead magnet. Using Thrive Quiz Builder makes setting up quizzes easy. In this step choose a quiz kind that aligns with your motto. Select from various scoring choices.


Assign points to answers. Hence it is creating a numeric score to measure skills.


Show users a percentage score based on correct answers. Why is that so? It is because it is great for accuracy evaluation.


Tag users based on responses which is useful for personality quizzes.


Offer instant feedback on answer accuracy. It is perfect for knowledge testing.


Gathering info without scoring is ideal for market research or feedback. In the quiz, diverse categories such as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced describe possible results on the answers of participants’ results of the quiz base.

quiz type

quiz type

Step 4: Pick a Quiz Style

Thrive Quiz Builder offers stunning templates for a visually adorable quiz. Follow the guide to choose a template that matches your label. For more customization, pick the Minimalist template. It is the only option for permitting editing and customization.

quiz style

Now you have selected the template it is time to add questions and answers.

Step 5: Add Q and A

Once you have chosen a template in Thrive Quiz Builder, build your quiz by adding questions. For this, you need to Click on Add Question, pick the question type, and use formatting choices to make your question stand out.

For each question, offer possible answers and assign points or classes based on the quiz type. So, ensure your answers are clear and concise to engage players effectively.

So this step is vital in creating an interactive and informative quiz experience for users. Hence it permits you to gather valuable insights or lead them toward specific outcomes based on their responses.

question and answer

In the question editor arrange the questions by connecting the dots at the top and bottom of each question.

question and answer

For advanced users, you can use branching logic in Thrive Quiz Builder. Connect dots linked to specific answers to create a more customized quiz experience.

Now let us move forward and study the quiz result page.

Step 6: Make a Quiz Results Page

It is the 6th step in how to create a quiz lead magnet. Create a compelling results page in Thrive Quiz Builder to display scores or classes of users. Boost it with custom text, images, or videos for attention.

Remember that useful lead generation involves offering value in exchange for contact info. Use your quiz answers to provide useful data, addressing users’ pain points.

So this course makes users share their info and positions your quiz as a helpful resource. Hence, it fosters a positive link with your audience. So it is increasing the likelihood of them becoming long-term customers.




Step 7: Add an Opt-In Gate to the Quiz

To gather leads add an opt-in gate to your quiz. What does it mean? It means people must share their contact details before seeing their quiz results. Customize the form to match your brand and connect with your email service.

In short, it is a straightforward means to build your contact list and communicate directly with potential customers. This method ensures smooth user knowledge while supporting your overall branding plan.


This ensures easy lead generation. Once quiz takers share their info they become email subscribers. You can also add them to your CRM for your sales funnel. Hence it makes the process smooth and automated.

Step 8: Advanced Options

So here comes the 2nd last step in how to create a quiz lead magnet. It has two parts splash page and social share badge. So let us find out more about it.

Add a Splash Page

A splash page is the first thing users see when your quiz begins. Start by introducing and inviting them to partake. Without it, the quiz may show the first query abruptly. Craft an appealing splash page with a clear CTA to enable quiz participation.

Social Share Badge

Boost the visibility of the quiz by adding a social share badge to the results page. Hence it encourages users to share their results on social media. It attracts new leads and expands exposure.

Step 9: Embed the Quiz on The Website

Here comes the last point on how to create a quiz lead magnet. Embed your quiz on the website homepage. Besides this, you can also add it to the landing page or within the content using Shortcode or Thrive Architect. So this versatile placement makes exposure to quality leads.

Now you have completed all the steps of how to create a quiz lead. Follow these steps and you are ready to target your potential customers.

Learn to Create Good Quiz Lead

Knowing your target audience is the first step. Also, know who you like to reach and what they are interested in.

Then pick the kind of quiz that suits the goals. Here, we are discussing a personality quiz or a knowledge-based one. So, making clear and engaging queries is key. Hence it makes sure they lead players via a fun and engaging experience.

Besides this design matters too. So make your quiz visually appealing and easy to use, mainly on mobile devices. Remember to add means to collect leads smoothly and respect user privacy. 


Finally spread the word about your quiz via social media, email, and collabs to get more people involved. With these simple steps, you will be on your means to creating a quiz lead magnet that entertains and helps your firm grow. Now you can move on and learn how to create quiz lead management.

Conclusion: How to create quiz lead magnet

Now you have learned how to create a quiz lead magnet. Making a quiz lead magnet is a cool way to enter digital marketing. It helps you talk to your audience, learn vital stuff about them, and find potential buyers. The secret is to make it fun and interesting for them something they enjoy and find useful. 


Now that you have learned to create the perfect quiz lead and understand your audience first. Pick the right quiz lead tool that suits your needs. Add the plugin to your WordPress and follow the steps outlined above. 


These steps assist you in crafting useful quizzes that generate revenue for your business. By customizing quizzes to the audience, using the right tools, and seamlessly adding them to your WordPress you ensure an effective plan that engages the audience. Besides this, it adds to your overall success. Knowing the preferences and needs of your buyers remains vital in developing quizzes.

Why is that so?

It is because it not only captures leads but also boosts the revenue-generating potential of your brand.

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